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One of the most popular indoor sports, badminton has caught the fancy of everyone due to the simplicity of the game and its formidable presence in India on the world stage. Badminton as a sport is comparatively easy, does not require an expensive gear or an elaborate court and can be simply played without getting into much detail about the rules of the game. Regular play is also great for keeping hearts healthy, conditioning and strengthening the heart muscle, reducing hypertension and limiting the risk of blood vessels clogging.

Keshwanand Sport Academy offers world-class training in badminton with access to 11 international courts having certified maple flooring and climate-controlled auditorium. These facilities serve as a motivation and encourage our students to shine and bring accolades and laurels to the game of their choice. The academy aims to nurture and produce badminton players who can represent our country at national and international levels.